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>>>DECEMBER 8, 2002 A LONG TIME....

Hello everyone. Yes has been more than just a FEW month since the last update.

The reason you may all be wondering is that I just can't possibly keep up with all the flooding of all the new information for this great game. Each and every day, there's like 1000 different stuff to update and add, to EACH and every page!!! I'm just ONE man...against everything else. Not to mention all the homework and stuff from school.

I just can't be always sitting in front of the pc all day. Yes the game has come out for about 1 month now, but all the info i have is pretty out of date.

If I can find 1 or 2 people that would love to help me work on this site and update it every now and then, that would be great. I would hate to just leave you fans coming to this site and finding incorrect or out-of date info. But i can't help with all the loads of new info.

So if you would like to help and be a part of the stuff, e-mail me @


Well, I've finally been able to update this wonderful site ;-) again after sometime. Went to Germany for a few weeks and will be continueing on to Denmark a few days later. Couldn't do much info gathering or updating because of the fact of no internet connections, until 2day. From what I gathered the 10 000 people have been picked for the beta testing and that all 9 sides are playable inside of only the 3 from the Greeks. Good luck to those that were lucky enought to be choosen! And for those that just weren't lucky enought (like me..) we will have to wait for the release of the game... still seems like a long loooooonnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggg time..........>

But for now, I have some news of updating the site with the new relics, gods and their powers section of the page. I have the pages half way done but the only problem is with the uploading. I have the pages on the laptop but these EU hotels connection port is just not working ( Im using the hotels internet compture). So for now im sorry to say that much of the uploading wont be done until some time in August...sorry...but I will upload if I can find a internet port that works with the laptop. So solong for now my AoM crazy buddys, happy gaming! By the way...Warcraft 3 is out if u havnt noticed it already.

>>>June 11, 2002 PUZZLE PIECES

If you want you can head over to Ensemble Studios and check out there redesigned AoM pages. The crew over at Ensemble Studios have added some new interesting bits of info. The newly updated gods pages has added a new section for Set, contain some new pieces to the puzzle of who gets which god powers, myth techs, and units. For more information you can goto this post for a whole host of new game facts!


Hey guys, I just got a new site design uploaded and made. As you can see that has been lots of changes in the colors and the layout of the site. Hope you like it. I also got the poll fixed and working again. There will be more updates on the sections in the following weeks (need some rest from all that designing :-)


Sorry for the lack of updsates in these past few month. Hopefully there will be more updates soon.


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