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Age Of Mythology Information

I'll try and update this section when new info comes out about the game so not all info might be correct depending on the time that i get the new info. If you see something wrong or inaccurate, plz e-mail me at

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Tuesday, May 21, 2002 06:04:56 PM

You can choose between 3 different cultures from Greek, Norse, to Egypt. From each culture you can choose 9 civilizations and different gods to worship (Zeus, Hades, etc) more on Cultures page.  Each culture has it's own specialties and weakness just like AoK & AoE. 

Age of Mythology is designed by Ensemble Studios. Makers of award winning games :

  • Age of Empires, Age of Empires Expansion Pack: Rise of Rome

  • Age of Kings, and Age of Kings Expansion Pack: The Conquerors.


New Gameplay Features

You will still need to gather resources food, wood, gold, but not stone, instead of stone there is favor from the gods but the maximum favors I think is 100. Each culture has different ways to gain the favors from the gods. More on it in Cultures

  • You can use the favors to build Heroes and mythological creatures

  • You can use it as spells (thunderbolts uses a amount of favors, etc).

"We're really excited about the music for AoM. We think that it sounds pretty different from our previous games, while at the same time retaining an "Age music" character. There is a lot of live playing this time, as opposed to exclusively using synthesizers. It's [the music] much more percussion-driven than the last two games were" - ES' Big Al on music in AoM. this means that the music in AoM will be very different, when you are building a town, the music will be slow and soothing compared to the music when you are laying seige to somebody or are in battle, the music will be loud and warlike.

Another very interesting thing is the transport ships. They change according to what you put into them!

When you hunt the animals, they could get stronger (not sure yet). It is suspected that if you leave the animals alone, they will slowly generate more food after a while.


Graphics and the Little Things

Age of Mythology is more or less BASED on Age of Empires and Age of Kings but is NOT AoE3 (I don't think there would have been AoM if there were no AoE/K). But UNLIKE previous Age games, now the units are all 3-D, not hand drawn 2D units "The hand drawn 2D unit figures from Age of Kings are prettier than AoM's 3D images" says Greg "Deathshrimp" street.

The graphics for the water, grass, trees, environment won't be the same as previous games.

  • ES has added some very cool effects, say you send a boat across the sea, you can see the ripples of the water. Another is on the shore's you can see the waves splashing onto the shores and you can see the effects when a unit walks into the waves.  

  • Hopefully when you research something, your unit will have that. Say you upgrade your amour, your unit might have one look of armor and then another when you researched the upgrade. Maybe you could even add other weapons onto the unit's original weapons

  • The Gods powers also can influence the environment: "Lets say you have some grass terrain with some trees. The meteor will blow the trees away, and leave a big hole in the ground. Gradually, the ground will become grass again (or a patch of dirt where the meteor landed)" said HG's Angel Chooch709 from a ES3 video. Other godly magic can also change the landform (might even use this as a strategy).

  • Like Age of Kings Expansion, there probably will be different weathers, like snow (leaving footprints in the snow), maybe even rain.

  • Also there might be little effects added to the game, say villagers sweat when hot or shiver when cold.


Age of Mythology is a product by Ensemble Studios, Microsoft
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