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Age Of Mythology Units

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Tuesday, May 21, 2002 06:52:23 PM



Norse Heroes/Mythological

nor-fire-giant.jpg (10290 bytes)     Fire Giant---The Fire Giants in Age of Mythology are large, imposing figures. Permanently surrounded by a shroud of fire, they leave flaming marks in their wake.

    ?    Frost Giant---In Age of Mythology, the Frost Giants cause no direct damage. However, their ability to freeze units for a short period of time can render a whole army useless in seconds.

nor-rockgiant.jpg (1767 bytes)    A Norse Rock Giant?---??

nor-giant.jpg (8890 bytes)     Giant--- ???

nor-hero.jpg (8748 bytes)     Hero---The Norse get heroes by upgrading standard units after a certain number of kills.

nor-hydra.jpg (9285 bytes)    Hydra---???

Normal Units

nor-archer.jpg (7686 bytes)     Archer---Basic Norse ranged unit.

nor-polemen.jpg (2267 bytes)    Group of Norse polemen/pikeman---Basic infantry unit with long pointy poles.

nor-cavalry.jpg (4228 bytes)     Cavalry---The basic Cavalry unit for Norse.

nor-calvary.jpg (3840 bytes)    Cavalry---Light nor little armour

nor-cavalry2.jpg (3789 bytes)    Cavalry---With a big long pole.

   ?             The Raven---Acts as a Norse scout.

nor-ship.jpg (9876 bytes)   Could be a Norse Transport---For transporting units and seige weapons



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