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Age Of Mythology Units

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Greeks Heroes/Mythological

gre_centar.jpg (3809 bytes)     Centaurs---Centaurs are creatures with the body of a horse, but the head and torso of a man. In Age of Mythology, they'll probably have the speed of a horse, combined with the agility and attack of infantry units.

?     Chimera---  In Age of Mythology, the Chimera will probably breath fire as well as benefit from a fast, or double attack because of it's two heads.

gre-cyclops.jpg (9958 bytes)    Cyclops---They were strong, stubborn and had a single distinctive eye on their foreheads. He has a big wooden club.

gre-talos.jpg (5677 bytes)    Talos---Talos, a Bronze Giant. He was also known to emit fire.

gre_medusa.jpg (2026 bytes)     Medusa---Medusa's gaze had the power of turning even the most fierce of warrior into stone, but was outwitted by Perseus who used a reflective shield against her.

gre-minotaur.jpg (8466 bytes)     Minotaur---In Age of Mythology, Minotaur is a heavy foot soldier. He fights with a large axe and head butts the target unit to finish it off.

gre-pegasus.jpg (8565 bytes)     Pegasus---Pegasus is a Greek scout and probably does the same as the Norse's/Egyptian's scout.

Normal Units

gre-legion.jpg (7946 bytes)   Infantry---A heavily armored infantry unit (probably like the 2 handed swordsmen in Age of Kings).

gre-lightinfantry.jpg (1452 bytes)    ?Men-at-Arm?---A unit with only a shield and  sword, looks defenceless

gre-2handedswordsman.jpg (1631 bytes)    ?Light Infantry?---A lightly armored unit like the men-at-arms in Age of Kings?

gre-champion.jpg (1932 bytes)    ?Heavy Infantry?---A heavily armored unit like a champion in Age of Kings

gre-cavalry.jpg (7871 bytes)   Cavalry---This is the mounted version of the Greek Heavy Infantry.

egy-cat.jpg (10334 bytes)     Catapult---The Catapult launches stones at the enemy. When aboard a ship, it gives the ship siege capabilities and a powerful ranged attack.

gre_chariotarcher.jpg (3367 bytes)     Chariot Archer---Kind of makes you rembember the ones in Age of Empires: Rise of Rome

gre-gally.jpg (8668 bytes)    Greek Warship---Greek warship with no sails up, so it must be stopping.

gre-mounted-spearman.jpg (8551 bytes)     Mounted Spearman---It would be a spearman on a horse. This mounted unit doesn't have much armor, but is compensated by the speed and hit points of the horse.

scorpian.jpg (4192 bytes)    Scorpian---Probably the same as the scorpians' in Age of Kings and Balistas' in Age of Empires.

gre-soldier2.jpg (8038 bytes)   Infantry---This lightly armored foot soldier is probably a unit like the long swordsmen from Age of Kings.

gre-villager.jpg (8426 bytes)    Greek Villager---And here is the Greek builder, farmer, miner hunter, ?worshiper?



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