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Age Of Mythology Units

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Egyptians Heroes/Mythological

egy-anubite.jpg (7841 bytes)     Anubite---In Age of Mythology, the Anubite is a foot soldier. He uses his leaping ability to leap over armies or close the distance between itself and an attacker. The Anubite is a melee unit, and fights with two curved daggers.

egy_apep.jpg (4511 bytes)   Apep--- An alligator like unit with no front arms only hind legs

  ?     Avenger---A combination of a bird and a man, which spins, hitting nearby units (special attack), 2 swords in each hand.

egy-hero.jpg (9668 bytes)    Egyptian Hero---The Egyptian Deity, ?Osiris?. Osiris was the ruler of the Land of the Dead. He was also known as the God of Fertility and Vegetation.

egy-mummy.jpg (7691 bytes)    Mummies---In Age of Mythology, the Mummy is a melee soldier. There are no apparent weapons, and the mummy is known to move at a sluggish pace - but don't be fooled ,but they will probably pack a decent punch.

  ?     Phoenix---A flying bird acts as a scout.

egy-scorpion.jpg (6904 bytes)    Scorpion---Guarded the organs of the dead and breathed fire.

egy_what.gif (6340 bytes)Sphinx---There are a few types of Sphinxes their role in AoM is unknown

Normal Units

egy-archer.jpg (7909 bytes)    egy-archer2.jpg (5067 bytes)     Archer(s)---The primary ranged unit(one looks armored, one doesn't)

egy-camel.jpg (9760 bytes)    Camel Rider---In previous Age games, the camel rider is the Egyptian's counter cavalry unit. They attack from close range with a long sword ?scimitar?

egy-chair.jpg (3091 bytes)    Egyptian Chariot---Kind of like a mounted spearman but is on a chariot.

egy-cat.jpg (10334 bytes)    Egyptian Catapult---As in previous Age games, the Catapults are rock-hurling siege engines used to raze enemy buildings, fortifications or scare the crap out of the groups of archers.

egy-calv.jpg (1704 bytes)    Egyptian Cavalry---A weak looking guy on a horse with a sword(probably in the early ages)

egy-trade.jpg (9383 bytes)   Trade Cart---The marketing system in AoM is similar in principle to that of Age of Kings. Trade carts are used to transport goods back and forth between two allied markets.

egy-pole.jpg (7787 bytes)   egy-pikeman.jpg (1428 bytes)     Pikeman----Probably the same propose as previous games

egy-slinger.jpg (7338 bytes)    Slinger---This unit is almost identical to the swordsman, except  it fights with a ranged sling attack.

egy-swordman.jpg (7508 bytes)    Swordsman---Egyptians base infantry unit, the swordsman.

egy-villager.jpg (1865 bytes)    Egyptian Villager---And here is the Egyptian builder, farmer, miner hunter, gatherer, etc.



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