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Age of Mythology Previews

Last Updated
Tuesday, May 21, 2002 06:46:13 PM


Age of Mythology Preview by Heavengames

Bruce and along with the Manager---IGN Age of Mythology Preview
Takes about the approaches of the game and another interview by the general manager of Microsoft Games group talking about some AoM game features.

Game Revolution Preview of AoM
Tells about the basic info on AoM

GameSpot's Age of Mythology Preview
The guys traveled to Ensemble Studios for a peak at the game and got the inside scoop from the E3 crew.

Gamespot UK: Age of Mythology Preview
They spoke to the Ensemble Studios and asked how it planned to tweak the recipe of such a worldwide success.

GameSpy's Age of Mythology Preview Part 1 Part 2
Your fans are begging for more. What do you do? What's bigger than king size? Mythical proportions, of course with lots of info.

GameFirst's Age of Mythology Preview
"Their newest project, Age of Mythology, does have some things in common with their Age of Empires games. For example, it's still a pre-modern gather-resources-and-build armies RTS game, and it still . . ."

Gamesmania's AoM Preview
The share their impressions and AoM findings from E3.

Intelligamer's E3 Onsite Report
"From what has been so far it looks like it will be worth waiting for. The new interface is compelling, with easier controls to manage units. My favorite innovation is the flag system that lets you . . ."

PC Gameplay's AoM Preview
Spoke exclusively to Ensemble Studios and talks about plans and how to tweak the Age Of Empires recipe with its new all-3D RTS.

nVIDIA Preview of Age of Mythology
"Strategy games will now lead the technology curve, not lag behind. Age of Mythology is stunning in 3D, maintaining the Ensemble Studios' signature of creating . . ."



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