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Age of Mythology Music and Sounds

There are no music that has been released yet for/from the game. But I have gotten some sounds of buildings/units from the game. The sounds could also change without notice so... (they are all wav files) and i think that all of the buildings have the same sounds.
In the game, there will be different music for different moods, like when you are just building your city/settlement, the music will be nice and soft or joyful, but when you start to attack it will be war music that you hear.

Click to Hear Size Click to hear Size
House 29 Kb Town Center 37 Kb
Anubis 17 Kb Market 87 Kb
colossusselect 33 Kb Mining 39 Kb
Dock 98 Kb Scorpian (Balista) 37 Kb
Fortress 81 Kb

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