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Age Of Mythology Movies

I'll try and update this section when new info comes out about the game so not all info might be correct depending on the time that i get the new info. If you see something wrong or inaccurate, plz e-mail me at

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Tuesday, May 21, 2002 06:44:47 PM

AoM Movies

Here are some links to some Age of Mythology movies. Some are big some are small. These links will all open a new window.

ES AoM Offical Site---Its has a whole bunch of movie downloads since it is the offical AoM site... and also some other stuff including info and screenshots every week.

FilePlant---The fellows at release another cool video of footage from a great RTS game and popular view at ES, Age of Mythology: Size-22.3 MB Japanese site which has got lots of movies from other games and also 5 AoM movies ranging from 9 MB to 60 MB.

GameSpot---A AoM movie and a Video Interview. Movie: 3 MB or 5 MB

IGN---Watch a few mythological creatures in action. Size: 13 MB

FilePlanet---A few battles with some normal units. Size: 10.7 MB

AusGamers---Australian site with 3 movies. Parts 1 2 3




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