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Age of Mythology !GateWay! Links

If you know or have a site/link about AoM , please submit your links to us. Please include the name of the site, webmaster's name, site address, and a line or two of descrptions. For the subject, please put AoM Submission link. Thanx.  If there is a broken link plz report it and plz include the name of the site and link..

Offical AoM Website

Ensemble Studios                                                                                                                            Report broken link
ensemblestudios.gif (2282 bytes)---The Offical Site with upto date news, screenshots and movies.



AomHeavengames                                                                                                                            Report broken link
aomh.gif (3509 bytes)--Lots of new info on Age of Mythology, very nice.

Age of Mythology Online                                                                                                                  Report broken link
aomonline.gif (49382 bytes)---Lots of info on the game and the extraz

AoM Imperial-Games                                                                                                                         Report broken link
---Good amunts of info on AoM including Screen Shots and AoMToons

Through The Ages                                                                                                                             Report broken link
throughtheages.gif (1977 bytes) target=---Through The Ages is dedicated to giving information all of Ensemble Studios games including the Age of Mythology.

AoM Center                                                                                                                                        Report broken link
aomcentre.gif (2612 bytes) ---One of the first AOM sites. Contains good amounts of AoM info.Worth the visit.



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