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Age Of Mythology Cultures

I'll try and update this section when new info comes out about the game so not all info might be correct depending on the time that i get the new info. If you see something wrong or inaccurate, plz e-mail me at

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In Age Of Mythology, you can choose between 3 different cultures between the Greeks, Norse, and Egyptians. Each civilization is then divided into 3 different civilizations for each culture, then after choosing, you can pick which god you would like to worship to gain their powers and different bonuses (kind of like the unique and specialties in AoK). Each culture is unique or different from others. To get your hero or mythological unit, you must build temples to be able to get that unit or research. . Each god and civilization had different temples that you can build. So if you can't build a temple, you can't get the unit that the temple can build or the technology (guess temples are important huh?). To gain favors from your god, you must worship them. Each Culture has different ways.

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