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Age Of Mythology Information

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Greek Military Buildings

greek_archeryrange.jpg (12490 bytes)    Greek Archery Range---This is the place where you'll train your archers.

greek_barracks.jpg (19433 bytes)    Greek Barracks---This is the place where you'll train the backbone of your army, infantry.

greek_fortress.jpg (32198 bytes)    Greek Fortress---These buildings are like the Castles of Age II. You can garrison units in them, they'll shoot arrows, and you'll be able to research some technologies here. It's unlikely that you'll produce units here though.

greek_siegeworkshop.jpg (19483 bytes)    Greek Siege Workshop--Construction yard for siege weapons, as in all previous Age games. Confirmed weapons so far include Ballista's and Catapults.

greek_stable.jpg (20528 bytes)    Greek Stables---The place to train cavalry units. As you can see, these buildings aren't quite as static as in previous Age games. There are a moving horses and a villager who looks after the place.

greek_tower.jpg (5963 bytes)    Greek Tower---A tower for warning/defending of your town from enemy units.

Greeks Economic Buildings

greek_armoury.jpg (7712 bytes)    Greek Armoury---Same as a blacksmith from Age of Kings. You can research technologies here to improve your units attack, armor, and range.

greek_temple.jpg (23819 bytes)    greek_shrine.jpg (6947 bytes)    Greek Temple/?Shrine?--- The role of this building is not entirely known. It may be used for researching technologies/building Mythological Units. Its use may be quite different from culture to culture. At E3, Greek Villagers are seen praying at this temple/shrine to generate Favor.

greek_dock.jpg (15737 bytes)     Greek Dock---You'll be able to build ships here as well asdrop off points for fishing ships.

greek_lighthouse.jpg (7424 bytes)    GreekLighthouse---???

greek_granary.jpg (11086 bytes)     greek_granary2.jpg (3095 bytes)    Greek Granary---These buildings are a drop off point for food.

greek_tc.jpg (17689 bytes)   Greek Town Centers---(Probably from different Ages)Build villagers and maybe allowed to research/build hero's.

greek_house.jpg (8090 bytes)    Greek House---Supports your population




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