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Age Of Mythology Buildings

I'll try and update this section when new info comes out about the game so not all info might be correct depending on the time that i get the new info. If you see something wrong or inaccurate, plz e-mail me at

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Egyptians Military Buildings

egypt_barrack.jpg (19502 bytes)    Egyptian Barracks--- Building place for Egyptian infantry units. It's likely that there will also be a few technologies to research at the barracks, similar to those you'll find in Age of Empires II (AoK).

    Egyptian Dock---To build ships here. Also a drop-off point for your fishing ships.

egypt_stable.jpg (20472 bytes)    Egyptian Stable---This building lets you create mounted units as well as chariots.

egypt_tower.jpg (3874 bytes)    Egyptian Watch Tower---Probably for seeing large areas of land and warn when enemy is attacking.

Egyptians Economic Buildings

egypt_temple.gif (22497 bytes)     Egyptian Temple--- It is believe temples will be used for training mythological units and/or researching mythological technologies???

egypt_armoury.gif (19649 bytes)    Egyptian Armory---You can research technologies here to improve your units attack, armor, and range.

egypt_granary.jpg (15131 bytes)     Egyptian Granary---These buildings are a drop off point for food.

egypt_mine.jpg (15273 bytes)     Egyptian Mine---This building servers as a drop off point for your minerals.

    Egyptian Town Center---Where you can build your villagers

    Egyptian House---Supports your cities, populations.




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